Apolda, St Martin's Church

Apolda, St Martin's Church

New socio-cultural centre: Community, city and diaconia open church space for diverse usage

One of the model projects selected in 2017 as part of the ‘STADTLAND:Kirche’ open call for ideas organised by the Protestant Church in Central Germany (EKM) and the IBA Thüringen is the socio-cultural centre in St Martin’s Church. One of two churches in the town run by the parish of Apolda, it adjoins the green Kantplatz, a square at one end of the town centre’s pedestrianised zone. Until recently, it was used as an art depot for the regional church but is now vacant and free for new uses. In cooperation with the neigh- bouring Diakonie social care agency, the church will set up a market of opportunities for cultural and social activities.

The imposing nave at St Martin’s is currently used for storage and archives, and only the front part for liturgical ceremonies. In 2020, the Parish of Apolda, the EKM and the IBA Thüringen invited ideas for the conversion of the nave space, which dates back to 1119. The Leipzig architecture office Atelier ST won through with a design for a new two-storey structure placed on concrete columns. The design minimises interventions in the existing structure of the church and adds a new diamond-gridshell vault made of white-glazed glulam timber ribs inserted as a ‘house in house’ into the nave. The new centre aims to breathe new life into the old walls.

On March 5, 2021, the IBA Advisory Board recommended the IBA project status for the St. Martin's Church in Apolda.


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