Nordhausen, Altendorfer Kirchviertel

Nordhausen, Altendorfer Kirchviertel

Sustainable city: Resource-conscious redevelopment in the old town centre

How can we conserve resources at all levels in the urban-rural StadtLand of tomorrow? Nordhausen council, the SWG municipal housing association and Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, along with numerous other local and regional participants, have come togehter in an exceptional process to find answers to these questions.

The open, collaborative process began with five public workshops in 2015 and 2016 on the topics of urban redevelopment, the transition to new sources of energy, recycling, mobility and communication, which brought together around 400 interested parties and representatives from education, research, local politics, business and administration. The results form the basis of a new strategy for the future of Nordhausen in which the sustainable use of resources is seen as a social goal involving all aspects of society, rather than merely as a technical challenge. Through the joint action of all partners, the intention is to minimise the consumption of raw materials and energy and to obtain them from renewable sources.

Since then, four thematic projects have developed for Nordhausen in different collaborative constellations: the environmentally-conscious conversion of the mass housing district of Nordhausen Nord, the experimental redensification of the Altendorfer Kirchviertel in the old town, the development of a sustainable mobility concept for the town and region, and the elaboration of climate and design guidelines as a new informal planning instrument.




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