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Thüringer Meer, Longhouse and Holiday Wharf

Baukultur and tourism: Waterfront architecture on the shores of Germany’s largest inland reservoir

Thuringia is most well-known among nature lovers for its hiking regions. The river valleys and meadowlands that characterise much of the countryside are comparatively unknown. In discussions on the rural qualities of Thuringia, the potential of such landscapes is frequently overlooked.

Over the past few years, the state, administrative districts and local municipalities have drawn up concerted strategies for developing the hilly Thüringer Wald as well as the so-called Thüringer Meer – waterside Thuringia – as sustainable tourism destinations. Building on this, the IBA Thüringen and the Stiftung Baukultur in Thüringen are working together with two investors to develop model projects for Germany’s largest reservoir, the Bleilochtalsperre. Following an open ideas competition ‘XS – New Models for Holiday Architecture’ held in 2018, two concepts were selected for developing into actual projects: a longhouse with a flexible floor plan that can accommodate different unit sizes and adapt to specific uses and topographies, and small-scale architectural units for the gradual conversion of a former wharf into a micro-resort.

The project aims to show that innovative ideas and good architecture can strengthen tourism and the regional economy in south Thuringia. Alongside the conventional holiday destinations, it proposes new forms of tourism that provide an authentic, refreshing experience of Thuringia by the sea.


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