Weimar StadtLandSchule
2016 bewarben sich die Stadt und die Schule erfolgreich für das bundesweite Programm ›Inklusive Schulen Planen und Bauen‹ der Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft. Die Auszeichnung als Pilotprojekt wurde am Schulstandort Am Hartwege mit der Schulgemeinschaft gefeiert.

Weimar, StadtLand School

Weimar, StadtLand School

New places of learning: Pupils, parents and teachers reprogram their school

Investment in schools in Germany has trailed behind new developments for several decades, leaving many municipalities facing major challenges. In addition, the existing school building regulations no longer meet current teaching standards, educational formats and inclusion requirements.

This was the starting point for the IBA StadtLand School project on the outskirts of Weimar. In an extensive participation process, the town, teachers, parents and pupils of the Jenaplan School came together to discuss their needs and expectations and the corresponding building requirements. A team of experts is now translating these into a concrete building project. The knowledge gained concerning aspects such as use concepts and spatial configurations will also be documented and made accessible to others in the form of a SCHULBAU OPEN SOURCE planning toolkit for future school building projects. The intention is to help other municipalities and planners benefit from useful experience and to save costs.

The project is being carried out in close cooperation and with support from the Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft, which has many years’ experience in the field of modern teaching concepts and school construction.

The socially oriented Montag Stiftung foundation has spent nearly a decade promoting innovative advances in school design and modern teaching concepts. The aim is to develop forward-looking school buildings that provide a good-quality environment and facilitate contemporary education concepts for everyone. The SCHULBAU OPEN SOURCE planning toolkit collects together valuable knowledge on the design, planning and development of schools and makes it available to others. The objective is to develop a tool for architects that can assist in the design of school buildings and at the same time to provide a framework of quality parameters with which school authorities can plan actively and con dently for the future.


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Am Hartwege 2
99425 Weimar
IBA Project Coordination

Tobias Haag
Project director
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