• 2018 April
    • Rückblick
      27. April 2018 - 18:00 bis 28. April 2018 - 18:00

      Mobilising The Periphery

      Aedes Network Campus Berlin, ANCB, veranstaltet ein Symposium zum Thema 'mobilising the periphery'. Neben Speakern aus London, Madrid, Wien und anderen europäischen Städten spricht IBA Projektleiterin Kerstin Faber zum Thema StadtLand: "With the progressive urbanization, the structural and demographic change, the digitisation of the personal and social realm, the increasing permeation of technology in our society, the climate change and the switch to renewable energy sources, the opposites of urban and rural, culture und nature are increasingly dissolved. The focus of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thuringia lies on fostering a new perspective by going beyond the realms of city and countryside and posting the notion of StadtLand." Eine Keynote hält auch Floris Alkemade, Chief Government Architect of The Netherlands, Co-curator of the IABR-2018+2020, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

      Mehr Infos zur Veranstaltung auf ancb.de
      Die Anmeldung ist kostenlos, einfach Mail an reply@ancb.de.



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